February 8, 2023

AC Blower Motor

Blower Motor For AC – 2023 Notes

  The blower “compressor” of an HVAC is responsible for turning the fan, which circulates the air through the system. This, in turn, moves atmosphere over the evaporator coils, allowing the refrigerant to absorb heat and move it out of the house. In addition, it begins to move air through the ducts, ensuring that every […]
Freon Gas

Freon Gas For AC – 2023 Notes

Freon for Air Conditioners Introduction   Air conditioning Freon is a cooling vapor that most HVAC systems use. It makes it possible to create cool air, sometimes called “refrigerant,” because of how it works. It is an ideal vapor at room temperature, but when it is activated, it gets boiling. When it cools down, it […]