February 27, 2023

fireplace wall ideas

15+ Amazing Fireplace Wall Ideas to Implement In 2023

  The fireplace is a widely loved symbol of the house, the family, and warm, comfortable evenings. A fireplace is a functional architectural feature and also a decorative accent. It can be the center point of any room, from the living room to a family bedroom and beyond. With the right furnishing fireplace wall ideas, […]
garage door

What to Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Close

  A malfunctioning garage door can be a huge frustration. Whether you’re trying to open or close your overhead door, there is a possibility that your garage door won’t close. This can result in an insecure home and forced to search for an alternate entrance. To limit the amount of time you’re unable to use […]
garage door opener battery

How To Replace the Garage Door Opener Battery

  When the remote of your garage door opener stops working, it may be time to replace the battery. Taking the time to replace the it can save you time and money, but take safety precautions before you start. Let’s go over all the steps needed to replace the garage door opener battery.   What […]
farmhouse porch columns

Adding Elegance to Your Farmhouse Porch Columns

  There is no better welcome home than that provided by a porch with well-decorated farmhouse porch columns. Everyone wants a white picket fence; however, nobody ever talks about the much more impressive farmhouse porch columns that really make the front of your house look complete. These pillars add a touch of charm to your […]