February 16, 2023

air conditioner leaking water

Why Is Air Conditioner Leaking Water and How to Prevent It

Is your air conditioner leaking water now all of a sudden? In the United States, more than 100 million homes have air conditioning. Most of them are spread out across the country’s south, where it gets the hottest. Many (HVAC) ACs leak water on the inside and outside of their units because they are used […]
master bathroom

A Guide About Remodeling a Master Bathroom In 2023

So, you’re ready for remodeling a master bathroom. Congratulations! You probably already know that you have some things to do. Even if you hire a professional washroom designer and then a general contractor to build and install the restroom, you, as the homeowner, will still have to do a lot of the mental work. Everything […]
Air conditioner and a couch

Air Conditioning Appreciation Day 2023: How to Celebrate It?

Most innovations begin with a question and a desire to address a common issue in daily life. One of these problems has been around for thousands of years: air conditioning. Since the AC was invented, AC hasn’t been much of a problem, but many people wouldn’t have homes as comfortable as they are today if […]