March 31, 2023

dining room style

Elegant Dining Room Guide: Designs, Tips & Contractors

I. Introduction Welcome to our guide on elegant dining rooms! We’ll be walking you through the significance of investing in your dining area, what goes into designing a welcoming and functional space and the best contractors to hire. In today’s world, dining spaces are more than just a place to eat; they are also places […]
home bar room style

Home Bar Creations: Ideas, Tips & Professional Help

I. Introduction If you’re a fan of cocktails, hosting, and generally having a good time, then you know there’s nothing like having a home bar. Whether it’s tucked away in the living room corner or the centrepiece of your basement lounge, the allure of having your own space to enjoy drinks with friends and family […]
hall room style

Hallway Transformations: Design, Tips & Expert Solutions

I. Introduction Hallways may be one of the most overlooked areas of your home, but they have a lot of potentials to be transformed into something special. Whether you have a long, grand hallway or a smaller, narrower area, crafting an inviting and functional space is possible. In this article, we’ll show you how you […]
garage room style

Garage Makeovers: Functionality, Design & Expert Help

I. Introduction When giving your home a facelift, you may overlook one of the most important but underrated places in your dwelling – your garage. As the doorway from your home to the outside world, your garage is undoubtedly an extension of your living area and can benefit from a few upgrades. Whether you’re looking […]
basement room style

Essential Basement Room Guide: Ideas, Tips & Contractor Info

I. Introduction We’ve all been there—you reach a point in your home when you have to maximize the space around you. Still, adding extra room for the growing family can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why basement rooms have become increasingly appealing for homeowners—they provide the chance to use underutilized spaces and save some money […]